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So you've decided that your Web site needs an overhaul. Before you start work, however, you and your Web design firm need to do a bit of planning.
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Web Site Evaluation Facts that Matter
The vast majority of Internet users find Web sites using search engines. Some surveys suggest more than 80% of users look first to search engines when looking for a Web site.
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But you're missing the critical answers you need:
  • Why aren't more people visiting our website?
  • What causes them to leave and not transact?
  • How can the site enhance customer relationships?
  • When will we make (and save) more money online?
  • Where are competitors eating our lunch?
  • Who can we turn to for unbiased answers?

Founded by trusted experts like Jim Sterne and Stephan Spencer, Audit It can provide you with the jargon-free, vendor-neutral answers you need. More than mere usability tests, Audit It evaluates your complete online presence for opportunities to improve:

  • Traffic Quality & Quantity
  • Stickiness & Repeat Visitors
  • Performance & Usage
  • Competitive Online Edge
  • Registration & Conversion Rates
  • Customer Service & Loyalty
  • Liability & Security Protection
  • Overall Bottom Line Impact

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