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So you've decided that your Web site needs an overhaul. Before you start work, however, you and your Web design firm need to do a bit of planning.
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40% of purchase failures result from difficulties in the checkout process. (Creative Good, Holiday 2000 Ecommerce Report)
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Audit It has attracted clients from a diverse array of industries, including travel, ecommerce, entertainment, beauty, news, telecom, and energy. Companies like Midwest Express Airlines, (part of Vivendi Universal), TDS Telecom, Wella, Wisconsin Electric, and American Marketing Association / have each turned to Audit It for the fresh perspective needed to improve their web sites.

Wella USA
Midwestern Express

Read what companies are saying about Audit It:

    " appreciated both the honesty, and the problem-solving format of our Audit It website evaluation. Audit It helped us step back and see how we come across to our audience ... and just as important, how to improve our copy, usability, and functionality towards a more customer-friendly site.

    We'd recommend Audit It to any executive charged with improving their website."

    Mike Matey
    VP Consumer Marketing
    Vivendi Universal Network Music & Media (

    "As the resource portal of the American Marketing Association, it's critical reflect best practices. But as any Internet executive knows, getting too close to your own website is a fact of life.

    Audit It provided us with the expert perspective we needed to improve effectiveness of our entire site - from traffic to conversion rates.

    Despite the sophisticated technology powering our site, the Audit It team understood our challenges and was able to engage in fruitful dialog. We found their advice helpful both technically and from a content standpoint.

    As we execute our redesign, we plan to build on the foundational knowledge provided by Audit It. I would recommend any marketing executive turn to Audit It for a new perspective."

    Bob Wallach
    MarketingPower, Inc.
    (subsidiary of the American Marketing Association)

    "I attended a workshop by Stephan Spencer of Netconcepts [parent company of Audit It] on website auditing at the Beauty Online conference. The workshop was comprehensive and illuminating. I was very impressed.

    I invited Stephan to our offices in New York to critique the e-commerce shop-in-shop that I have been in charge of developing. The advice was very valuable and covered many things that we were not aware of or had not considered.

    I highly recommend to undertake a website audit from Audit It. The cost of these studies is not high in comparison to the benefits.

    Stephan Spencer is very knowledgeable and an expert in the field. If you decide to meet with him, you will not be disappointed."

    Gilles Kortzagadarian
    Manager of E-commerce and Direct Marketing
    Christian Dior Perfumes, Inc.

    "We found the Audit It assessment of to be a much needed addition to past usability studies and consumer responses on our site. The recommendations they provided throughout the audit were easy to understand and actionable.

    As we continually work to improve our site, the advice Audit It provided will certainly be taken into consideration."

    Amanda Seifert
    Senior Marketing Analyst
    Oshkosh B'Gosh

    "In an industry as competitive as online retail, having superior search engine visibility is critical. For, Audit It identified a number of opportunities to help us achieve that goal, as well as recognizing potential issues.

    We found the Audit It assessment to be filled with practical value and immediate application. We were impressed with their in-depth understanding of website fundamentals, as well as their bottom-line focus. Audit It staff took time to answer our questions, and explained very specifically how best to resolve the issues.

    It was a powerful study - I would recommend Audit It to any retailer looking to improve their online success."

    Cathy David
    Vice President & GM

    "The audit gave us incredible insight into usability issues of our Web site. We also gained a new appreciation for the importance of external and internal search engines.

    The audit is a great benchmarking exercise when planning a redesign; it's also a great checklist after redesigning. We really liked the grading format of the audit. It's an effective scorecard to measure against. And it helped us streamline the process of prioritizing enhancements and allocating resources.

    Some of the recommendations will be a major undertaking for us, for instance the search engine optimization. As Audit It advises, search engine optimization can't be tacked on as an afterthought. Thanks to Audit It, our search engine strategy will not be a retrofit; it will be an integrated approach, designed into the site along with the graphics and coding from the very beginning.

    Overall we found Audit It's audit of our site to be extremely valuable. It was a real eye opener. We highly recommend it."

    Jim J Broennimann
    Internet Manager
    Midwest Express Airlines

    "We definitely think the Audit It web site audit provided value and is an excellent working document. I have a new hire who is busy incorporating thoughts and ideas from the audit into our internet marketing plan.

    We also shared the audit with our parent company's e-Business Development Team Director. He appreciated the thoroughness and usability of the document and thought it was a great value."

    Wendy Brewer
    E-Business Manager
    Seton Identification Products
    (subsidiary of Brady Corporation)

    "As an operator of several search engine properties, we recognize the opportunities that search offers for driving qualified traffic. Netconcepts [Audit It's parent company] helped us to optimize our Yellow Pages and White Pages listings to increase our traffic and advertising revenues.

    Netconcepts also helped us resolve some back-end issues that were diluting our ranking in category and location specific keyword searches on Google, Yahoo, and AOL. The content Netconcepts covered in their [Audit It] audit and workshops was helpful in guiding our development efforts."

    Tasha Irvine
    Senior Product Manager
    InfoSpace Inc.

    "We could not be more pleased with the incredible service and marketing value Audit It brought to our company. I highly recommend the Audit It audit as it provided us with an excellent working document. Their recommendations provided a blueprint for the design and implementation of our website and continues to serve as a document that I frequently reference as the basis of our internet marketing plan. I would need to hire another full-time person just to implement all of their suggestions. The audit exposed our weaknesses and provided us with valuable recommendations to achieve our desired goal - to increase our web sales!

    Above everything else, I am most pleased with the people behind Audit It. Throughout the entire project, promises were kept and expectations were exceeded. CEO Jody Hartwig and her team listened to our every concern and went out of their way to implement our ideas. Throughout the entire project, their advice was right on target."

    Steve Spangler
    CEO and Founder
    Steve Spangler Science

    "We are an internet company and there was considerable resistance in hiring Netconcepts [Audit It's parent company]. Some here felt that they knew everything there was to know about Search Engines. But, the fact is that the Search Engine industry is changing so quickly and is growing so quickly that a company like ours cannot possibly stay on top of it all. Netconcepts did an excellent job of training us on what is really critical in the world of search engine optimization. They have a great framework and philosophy about what works that is very much in line with how Google and the others are thinking. We paid for their expertise in an area where we didn't realize we needed help. And, they delivered great recommendations and we saw immediate results. From my point of view, it's been a great investment."

    Ken Chen
    Marketing Director
    Homestead Technologies

    "Audit It gave us a fresh perspective on our company's Web site. I was pleasantly surprised to find their evaluation filled not with vague theory, but specific items we could improve. Although we were focused on enhancing usability, the audit also uncovered some urgent legal exposures we hadn't addressed properly. And I found Audit It's assessment to be honest and trustworthy, not a setup to pitch more services.

    Overall, while we may not be able to implement all of the audit's suggestions immediately, it was an excellent benchmarking exercise for prioritizing improvements and measuring our progress."

    Anne Bogen
    Internet Specialist
    Meriter Health Services
    Madison, Wisconsin

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